– A New Voice For The Central Valley, New Leadership For Our Future –

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – Elizabeth Heng officially launched her campaign for U.S. Congress today committing to bring a new voice to Washington D.C. “Politicians in Washington D.C. are out of touch. It’s time for new leadership that listens and cares about ordinary people,” said Heng, who is running to represent the values of hard working families in the valley.

The daughter of refugees, Elizabeth was raised in Fresno where her family instilled a strong work ethic. As a child, she worked at her parent’s Asian grocery store. Elizabeth attended public school and was class Valedictorian of Sunnyside High School in Fresno. Elizabeth was elected student body president at Stanford University where she earned her degree. She graduated from Yale University school of Management with an MBA.

Elizabeth has worked for the bi-partisan U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and knows how to fix what’s broken in Washington D.C. A committed problem solver, she has a passion for creating opportunities for ordinary people. Elizabeth helped her family build a successful cellular business from the ground up. Today, the company has over 800 employees across 82 locations.

Said Heng, “The voices of everyday people in my community are being drowned out by shouting special interests and failed leaders. It’s time we had someone in Washington that will stand up for our community, someone who will work to solve our problems – I believe in the American dream and I am committed to fight for common sense solutions that grow our economy and create jobs.”

Heng is a leader in the effort to prioritize education, immigration, public safety, and economic opportunity. Elizabeth is a leader guided by common sense who will put kids first, fighting for education investment that promotes learning innovation.

“I am running for Congress to represent our community and to ensure that our citizens voices are heard. For too long Washington has thought only in the short term. It’s time to start thinking about long term solutions to challenges facing future generations. I will work to bring water to our valley, reduce crime, and fix broken government right here in our own backyard,” said Heng.

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