– Business Professionals Organization Selects Standout Candidate Elizabeth Heng –

WASHINGTON DC – Elizabeth Heng has received the support and endorsement of The Leadership Now Project, a non-partisan membership organization of business professionals concerned with the future of our democracy. Each election cycle, the organization select’s a small number of candidates committed to political renewal, while supporting them in their run for office: www.leadershipnowproject.com

Said Heng, “I am honored to receive the support of The Leadership Now Project. Their recognition is something that I greatly appreciate. As a non-partisan business professional’s organization, groups like theirs understand that it will take a new leadership approach to fix what’s broken in government.”

The daughter of refugees, Elizabeth was raised in Fresno where her family instilled a strong work ethic. As a child, Elizabeth Heng worked at her parent’s Asian grocery store. She attended public school and was class Valedictorian at Sunnyside High School in Fresno. Elizabeth was elected student body president at Stanford University where she earned her degree. She graduated from Yale School of Management with an MBA.

Elizabeth has worked for the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and knows how to fix what’s broken in Washington D.C. A committed problem solver, she has a passion for the needs of ordinary working families. Elizabeth is a leader guided by common sense who will put kids first, standing for investment in education that promotes learning innovation.

Said Heng, “The time has come for elected officials who are just filling a chair to move on, and allow a new generation to come forward.”

In Fresno, Elizabeth Heng helped her family build a successful cellular business from the ground up. Today, the company has over 800 employees across multiple states.

“I am looking forward to continuing a dialogue with The Leadership Now Project and other likeminded groups who believe that it is possible to come together around real solutions to meet the challenges facing our future generations. said Heng.

Heng is a leader in the fight to prioritize education, public safety, and economic opportunity. She has served as staff to the bi-partisan House Foreign Affairs Committee and traveled the world engaging leaders on systemic issues confronting our communities.

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