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Elizabeth’s philosophy of governing is centered around the American Dream. She believes that we need to provide people with the opportunities and ability to achieve success through hard work and determination. Her brother posted to Facebook on January 20, 2017, “33 years ago my parents [as refugees] came to the United States with nothing but determination. Today we are standing on the same platform with the President. #Progress.” Nowhere else in this world would that statement have been possible.  Elizabeth has dedicated her life to public service and wants to continue to protect the fundamental core values of this country.

No one in Washington is talking about what we want our country to look like 10 years from now—how do we want to solve these problems? There’s only finger pointing and hostile rhetoric coming from the 24 hour news cycle from our current politicians. She is sick of the noise and lack of solutions. Elizabeth will lead on the future vision for our country and work towards common sense solutions that empower people’s day to day lives, so we can give every American their best shot at accomplishing their dream.

Accountability for Members of Congress

  • Members of Congress are elected to represent their district and are tasked with passing bills into law.
  • Elizabeth believes that Members of Congress, regardless of political affiliations, who have not passed a substantive bill into law in over 10 years should step down.

Workplace Dignity

  • Elizabeth believes that this discussion on harassment it long overdue for our country and the #MeToo movement has opened our eyes to an issue that has been swept under that rug for far too long.
  • Elizabeth commends the women who have stepped forward and brought this topic to the national dialogue to hold sexual predators accountable.
  • Elizabeth wants to turn this national discussion into productive actions.  Although she is a proponent for those who have been willing to speak out publicly; due process needs to happen in the courts and the deciding factor of the accused should not be determined solely by public opinion.  It is important to protect the rights of both the accuser and accused.

Tech & Innovation

  • Elizabeth recognizes that the Internet of Things will fundamentally change how America does business and Congress needs to support tech innovation.
  • Elizabeth believes that it is important to build a strong pipeline for the younger generation to explore STEM and computer science to keep up with the global economy.
  • Elizabeth would like to see blockchain integrated into government agencies to enhance operational efficiency.

Water & Agriculture

  • Elizabeth will support legislation to improve water infrastructure and storage that will restore our Central Valley.
  • Elizabeth will support legislation protecting private property rights.
  • Elizabeth will work to eliminate Federal and State overreach opposing laws that stifles opportunity for our Agriculture industry.

Diversity & Freedom

  • Elizabeth believes that diversity in political thought is critical to having an open and free society. She will champion the cause of restoring our campuses to constructive dialogue free from repression and violence.
  • Elizabeth believes generational diversity is key to less gridlock on Capitol Hill. A voice for future generations is needed now more than ever.
  • When elected, Elizabeth will be the ONLY Asian American Republican representative in Congress.

Education & Opportunity

  • Elizabeth will work towards increasing the graduation rate.
  • Elizabeth will be a strong advocate for education reform through innovation, transparency and accountability.
  • Elizabeth will fight to see that Federal spending is allocated appropriately, and that money makes its way into the classroom so that teachers have the resources they need to teach.
  • Elizabeth will build bridges between ideological opponents with a focus on quality education.
  • Elizabeth will work to identify opportunities to strengthen schools and classroom resources to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Fiscal Responsibility & the Economy

  • Elizabeth will fight for responsible budgets that deliver economic growth as opposed to picking winners and losers.
  • Elizabeth will lead the fight against increased taxes and stop waste fraud and abuse.
  • Elizabeth will sponsor legislation to reduce the national debt.
  • Elizabeth will stand up for Proposition 13 and work to protect homeowners by opposing Property Tax increases.
  • Elizabeth will create a savings and investment 101 for young people to prepare for their future.

Business and Jobs

  • Elizabeth believes that small business is the catalyst for economic growth and jobs for our valley. She will work tirelessly to identify regulations holding back business opportunity while supporting laws that reduce red tape.
  • Elizabeth will work with local communities and small business to create opportunities for innovation and next generation jobs.
  • Elizabeth will fight for infrastructure that restores our valley’s agriculture business.

Immigration Reform

  • Elizabeth supports common sense immigration reform. She believes that our immigration system is broken. She will work to protect our border and enhance security measures to prevent criminals and terrorists from entering our country while encouraging legal immigration.
  • Elizabeth believes that no one should be a second-class citizen and that a strong effort to prioritize the value of citizenship should be central for anyone who wants to become a citizen. Immigration should be done legally through a reformed and more accessible process.
  • Elizabeth opposes so called ‘sanctuary cities’ because they undermine rule of law. Such a policy creates a dangerous environment where serious criminals remain beyond the reach of justice.


  • Elizabeth will fight to make healthcare more affordable while protecting patient choice.
  • Elizabeth will hold bureaucrats accountable for responsibly executing government health programs.
  • Elizabeth will lead the charge for a wellness-based approach to healthcare while resisting any ‘single payer’ state monopoly.

Energy & Sustainability

  • Elizabeth will support an “all of the above” energy plan that leverages technology and innovation.
  • Elizabeth will introduce legislation to support renewable and alternative energy alongside traditional sources.
  • Elizabeth will work towards clean air, clean water and reducing waste.

National Security

  • Elizabeth will work to make sure that America’s armed services are always provided the tools needed to secure our freedom.
  • Elizabeth will identify areas to promote our armed service personnel and work to provide opportunities for young people seeking a military career path.
  • Elizabeth will support legislation that makes our country safe and expands the pathway of freedom to people around the globe.

School Safety

  • Elizabeth stands behind the 2nd amendment believing that the right to keep and bear arms is an inalienable right which that law-abiding citizens must maintain to defend themselves.
  • Elizabeth understands that in light of recent events in both Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida, school safety needs to be looked at from a holistic approach by evaluating areas such as mental health, the law enforcement response, and legislation such as bump stock.
  • Elizabeth is committed to making sure that our communities are safe. She will work with local law enforcement to make certain that guns remain out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and anyone who is dangerous to themselves or others.

Seniors & Retirement

  • Elizabeth will work to find ways to increase cost savings in healthcare and essential services for senior citizens.
  • Elizabeth will honor the promises made to previous generations and work to protect social security while ensuring its solvency.
  • Elizabeth will support legislation that strengthens emerging threats to our senior citizens and protect them from fraud and crime.


  • Elizabeth will always honor our veterans. She will support efforts to reform and improve the veterans Administration.
  • Elizabeth will hold Federal agencies accountable for waste and abuse of resources devoted to our veterans.
  • Elizabeth will speak out actively and recognize the efforts of our veterans by providing opportunities for our heroes to be appropriately regarded for their service.
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Your Information will never be shared with any third party.