Elizabeth Heng
For U.S. Senate

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About Elizabeth

America is hurting. Freedom is being stolen. Those elected to make sound judgements in the face of uncertainty have abused their powers. They’ve destroyed our livelihoods. They’ve hurt our children’s future. They’ve picked winners and losers. We need to hold our elected leaders accountable for implementing bad policies.

Hi – I am Elizabeth Heng. Like all of you, I too have common sense.

Growing up in Fresno, California as the daughter of Chinese-Cambodian immigrants, I never understood the power and weight of my voice until I decided to run for Congress. After graduating from Stanford University, where I became the Student Body President, I went on to complete my MBA at Yale University, work for the U.S. Congress and opened my own business.

After winning the Republican primary for California’s 16th Congressional District in 2018, Facebook and Twitter banned my biographical ad that highlighted my family’s plight and escape from Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Across the country, I was humbled by the amount of people who joined our campaign to fight back against the Big Tech giants that continue to suppress our voices. Eventually, Facebook and Twitter relented; freedom won.

After being censored by Big Tech when I ran for Congress, I wanted to give those who felt voiceless a voice and tool to help fight back. There’s a lot of issues with Big Tech: political censorship, bullying, fake news, and privacy issues; therefore, my team created The New Internet to correct these issues.

I am the CEO of The New Internet. The New Internet is an encrypted internet browser that does not track, spy and sell your information. It has an added feature that allows you to comment on any webpage online so that users can fight fake news and censorship.

In one generation, I saw first-hand the power of the American Dream. I grew up working in my parents’ community grocery store in one of the most dangerous area codes in all of California. Through hard work, determination, and a bit of luck, I’ve been allowed opportunities that wouldn’t be possible had my parents not sought refuge to the United States.

It’s time for my generation to fight back and hold on to the founding principles of Freedom in our country that has allowed families like mine to dream bigger and achieve more than we ever imagined possible.

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